Solimán López Logo CELESTE


CELESTE is created by Solimán López Media Art Studio (Sol LAB) in ESAT LAB Valencia. The piece takes the data from the sky thanks to a RaspiCam and get backs the RGB image information to the server. This one, analyses the information and creates degraded digital landscapes in real time with added information related to weather, Twitter trending toppics, latitude, longitude, hour and of course the number of the created file. The work remembers to the "decisive moment" created by Cartier Bresson in photography but with a digital point of view.
The visitor could choose a unique moment in the sky to its own, downolading a file and even place and order of the file to be printed and delivered to home.
The piece tries to make visual data of the heaven, recording the information of several international cities, such as Valencia, London, Paris, among others, putting in the same place the digital heaven of this different places. Where the installation travels, records new skies.